Pavlok + Apple Shortcuts

Stop being addicted to your phone.

  • Trigger Pavlok to go off based on your open blacklisted apps.
  • Set time-of-day filters (Pavlok will zap if you use Facebook before 5pm + send an 'Allowed, but be mindful' notification at other times.
  • Using Apple Shortcuts, choose Reduce time on social media apps, get stimuli when you open or close specific apps

Download Here

  1. Click here to download on your Apple phone.

  2. Make sure Untrusted Sources are allowed, and the shortcut.

  3. Navigate to the Shortcuts app and Choose Automations > New.

  4. Choose 'On App Open' and select the app you want to be the trigger. Then make the Action the new shortcut you just installed (FB before 5pm).

  5. That's it! If you open that app before 5pm, you'll get zapped. After 5pm, you'll get a mindfulness reminder.